Brand Activation for Grey Goose

The Event

The vodka brand Grey Goose was created in 1997 by Sidney Frank and the brand’s Maître de Chai (Cellar Master), Francois Thibault. It was acquired by Bacardi in 2004. The event was organised to activate the Grey Goose brand, raise awareness and launch their new essences range.

Client Brief

To bring Coachella to Brisbane by transforming the venue, activating the Grey Goose brand and their new ‘essences range’.

Why the client chose us

We pitched the client a deck full of interesting ideas and found them a venue that could mount a TV on the roof. We could also pull off the brand activation in the time frame the client wanted.

Event Management Services Provided

  • Concept and theme research and development.
  • Compliance understanding for long-term activation.
  • Research and testing of elements against the elements.
  • Full style guide.
  • Graphic design and content production for advertising.
  • Setup and execution.
  • Regular check-ups and refreshes of the activation throughout the four weeks.  
  • Full pack down.

How were the objectives achieved?

We turned an urban rooftop into a nightclub with the Coachella vibe using a decal on the front door, music in the lobby, and a giant tipi sitting on a rooftop. Every night, beautiful light shows of geese and kaleidoscopes of colour and patterns lit up the sky.

The Results

  1. The reels on the venue’s Instagram account achieved the highest views ever with stories and posts being reshared hundreds of times. 
  2. The venue’s socials were constantly filled with user-generated content across the 4-week brand activation period.
  3. The venue was filled all through the activation and also attracted some high-profile DJs.


Overall, the client was stoked with the activation which helped them launch their new product with a bang. The event generated valuable brand awareness online amongst new and existing audiences through UGC.

Grey Goose

Quick Facts

  • Venue: Lina Rooftop
  • Thousands of people over 4 weeks 
  • User-generated content created a massive buzz for the brand and venue


  1. To bring the Grey Goose Essences brand to life. 
  2. To transform a concrete rooftop bar into a Coachella party right from the desert itself. 
  3. To get people excited about the bar, and get them lining up.

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