Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholic Education Conference

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The Event

Brisbane Catholic Education is a learning community of all involved in diocesan Catholic schools and the staff of the Brisbane Catholic Education Office. With over 140 schools, Brisbane Catholic Education provides quality teaching and learning outcomes for Prep to Year 12 students.

This conference took place over three full days at Victoria Park in Brisbane. Delegates arrived from all over Australia to take part in the conference. It was a packed schedule with over 30 guest speakers and 18 workshops across the three days. Delegates were given the choice to attend four speaker events or workshops at any one time that took place in various rooms at Victoria Park.

Client Brief

  1. Create and organise a seamless three-day conference full of educational and motivational speakers who would speak on the important topic of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education. 
  2. To help the educators take away real-life, applicable skills from the conference and make sure the Brisbane conference stood out and went smoothly. 
  3. To make sure the event was inclusive and respected the Indigenous cultures.

Why the client chose us

We love a challenge and have a proven track record of pulling off big events even with a short lead time. We focused all our attention on the conference to make sure everything was organised and executed perfectly.

Event Management Services Provided

  • Creation of an event website to manage information.
  • Management of all delegate registrations.
  • All communication with delegates – pre-, during and post-conference.
  • Budget management + recommendations.
  • Researching, booking and managing all 30 keynote speakers and workshop presenters.
  • Venue liaison – including run sheets, floor plans, key timings, and catering.
  • Conference coordination – the primary point of contact for venue, client, speakers and suppliers, ensuring the seamless running of the conference.
  • Post-event reporting/attendee survey.

How were the objectives achieved?

  1. Carrying out in-depth research into the speakers, their qualifications and the topics they could speak about to make sure the content was engaging.
  2. Tailoring the agenda around the practical applications of topics so guests took away valuable information from the workshops that could be applied to real-life situations.

The Results

  1. Glowing 5* feedback from conference attendees after each session.
  2. The entire event ran smoothly without any issues.
  3. Every workshop was oversubscribed because of the quality of the speakers and their presentations.
  4. Lively and stimulating discussions among attendees after every workshop.


Overall, the event was highly successful. Attendees praised the speakers and how smoothly the whole event ran. Guests’ feedback said they were looking forward to the next conference, as was the client.

Brisbane Catholic Education

Quick Facts

  • 350 guests
  • A short lead time of 6-7 weeks


  1. To have passionate educators and representatives in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education space present at the conference.
  2. To have qualified, motivational and impactful speakers inspire and educate the attendees.
  3. To raise awareness of the issues in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education space.
  4. To create a seamless conference experience that guests would rave about and be persuaded to attend the following year.
  5. To help the client focus on interacting with conference attendees without worrying about event logistics.

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