You’re planning an incredible brand event, to launch your new product. You’ll have clients and potential clients in attendance, as well as others in your industry. But there are a lot of moving parts to create an event that showcases your brand to its best potential. You need help! But who do you need? An event coordinator or a venue coordinator?


This is a great question that we get asked all the time. While to our team the answer is as obvious as comparing vegemite to Nutella on toast, we get that it’s not so clear cut to people who don’t live and breathe this industry in the same way we do! In fact, these roles can seem to be very similar at first glance, but really they’re two very different skill sets.


So what is the difference between an events coordinator and a venue coordinator? And why does it matter when you’re planning your own event? 


Venue Coordinator and Event Coordinator – What’s the Difference?


The Venue Coordinator’s Role


A venue coordinator’s job is to coordinate everything to do with a specific venue. You can think of it like a role that’s tied to a specific place, with each venue coordinator responsible only for managing and overseeing elements of your event that are the responsibility of the venue. So this person might manage the menu, staff the banquets team, set the floor plan as well as the tables and chairs and work with the venue’s kitchen for any additional catering needs.


Often venue coordinators come standard with a venue. So when you choose a venue, you can also hire the venue coordinator for that venue. 


However, there are a lot of tasks that come with planning an event that a venue coordinator simply isn’t going to do. In fact, anything that’s outside the responsibility of the venue itself. And that’s where an event coordinator will come in.



The Event Coordinator’s Role


An event coordinator, as compared to a venue coordinator, is responsible for managing your entire event – from design to clean up – regardless of the venue. This includes coordinating with a venue’s coordinator if there is one available. An event coordinator will also take on a huge number of additional non-venue specific tasks. And they’ll provide guidance, advice and assistance throughout the entire event planning process.



Some of the tasks an event coordinator might do are hiring and briefing your MC, writing your agenda, finding you exceptional photographers and videographers, making recommendations for your perfect venue and coordinating venue details, confirming all the details with your vendors and organising delivery, finding a photobooth or other elements unique to your event, inviting and communicating with your guests, managing guest reservations or RSVPs, styling the space and much, much more!



While a venue coordinator will make sure the venue portion of your event is seamless, your event coordinator will do everything in their power to make sure that your event as a whole is wildly successful!



Which Do I Need? An Event Coordinator or a Venue Coordinator?


So what do you need for your event? Well, it really depends on the event that you’re running and the outcomes you’re looking for. A venue coordinator is your standard minimum level that will come included with your venue booking. If you’re just running a simple networking event with a guest speaker, then a venue coordinator will be the perfect fit. They’ll be able to organise the tech you need for the speaker, set tables and chairs and organise catering from their own kitchen, for example. 


But if you have a larger or more intricate event (for example a landmark birthday or even a company Christmas party!), or if you’ll have a large number of guests or suppliers or simply need more help, then you’ll definitely want to consider an event coordinator.


They’ll work hand-in-hand with your venue coordinator to create a seamless, stress-free and exceptional experience. But they’ll also help you take care of everything else you need.


Most importantly, you’ll also have someone on your side who can handle any issues that might arise. At the end of the day, your event coordinator will make sure your event is a raving success!


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