Indoor Vs Outdoor Venue – What to consider?

Ooo this is always such a ‘hotly’ contested topic when it comes to planning your wedding and picking your venue. There are so many pro’s and con’s to each side of the equation. Ultimately, I think it comes down to your vision/ dream and your appetite for risk (are you daring). Let’s be real, having anything […]

What does a Wedding Planner really do?

This is a question I get asked all the time, even by my own family and friends who regularly see what I do and the behind the scenes. I absolutely get it, and don’t take offence when I’m asked. It’s exactly the same as me asking my accountant why I should hire them, or wondering […]

Open Haven Charity Panel Event

Event: Charity Panel Event

Location: Darling & Co

Brief: To create a warm and comfortable environment to raise funds for a much needed cause.

My Favourite Part: The ambience in this room was incredible! There was a real sense of family and charity. It was beautiful

Katie’s 50th Birthday

Event: Katie’s 50th Birthday

Location: Bar Pacino

Brief: To create an elegant yet intimate 50th birthday celebration.

My Favourite Part: The atmosphere and love had to be the best bit of this one! You just can’t force that.

Why you should be planning your Corporate Christmas Party now!

Rex Christmas Party Celebration Event

Pixel Punk Pictures I always get asked when clients should start Christmas Party planning for their business. My answer is, that it’s never too early! Christmas is a crazy busy period of time (we all know what it’s like), we’ve got plans being thrown at us left right and centre in our personal lives, we […]

Guarantee your perfect Wedding Day!

Julian and Sabine Wedding Event

Match Made Photography I know you’ve clicked on this to find out the number 1 way to guarantee the perfect day, and trust me I have the answer for you. For some of you, it will be the easiest thing you’ve ever done, for others, it will be a lot more difficult! It all centre’s […]

YOT Club Halloween

Event: YOT Club Halloween

Location: YOT Club

Brief: To bring Halloween to the super yacht for their spooky party.

My Favourite Part: The pumpkin man had to be my favourite for this event. There’s not many events you can get away with having a pumpkin man at.

Penny’s 42nd Birthday

Event: Penny’s 42nd Birthday

Location: Yot Club

Brief: To design a stunning, show stopping and personalised birthday event, around the brief of pink and roses.

My Favourite Part: The flowers were incredible for this event! The contrast of the white and green on the black vessels were incredibly impactful.

High Bar for 40ths!

NC Image Photography I’ve seen a few events in my time, but never have I seen something quite as lavish than Penny’s 42nd Birthday party! Yep, you read that right, 42! Granted we do need to factor in the fact that COVID meant there was no 40th or 41st birthday, but it meant that by […]

From Forever A Moment Events to FAME!

When anyone starts a new business, it’s hard to know the exact direction it will take. Will it remain in the same industry in the same direction, or pivot into an entirely new path. For me, launching Forever A Moment Events 18 months ago, I jumped into the deep end with weddings. Having a passion […]