When it comes to corporate events, I say it time and time again. The most important element is your ROI. As much as we would all love to run events for the fun of it, within the corporate world that just isn’t the case. Each of our events needs to be converted and achieve an ROI of some description.

Don’t get me wrong, that ROI doesn’t necessarily have to be a financial ROI. In doing the event, you don’t only have to be working towards reaching a monetary goal. We don’t have to sell lots of products or book lots of clients in order for the event to be a success. It can also be as simple as guest satisfaction or increased brand awareness. These goals of course become a lot harder to measure and track. 

There is no right or wrong when it comes to what the goal of your next event is. It is purely a case-by-case basis based on what your business is doing at that time. However, the importance of knowing this goal is so we can make educated decisions about particular event details to ensure we’re maximising this goal. 

If you’re launching a new product into the market, it’s likely the goal of the event is to create awareness of the product and hype for the product. We’re going to focus on an event design that highlights the product. We will pick colours for the styling that align with the product. A simple choice like this is going to ensure that your guests are picking up on subliminal hints of the branding without it being forced on them. Choices like a soft yellow napkin if your product is wrapped in yellow packaging is going to help reinforce the brand.

If the product is a summer product all about having fun at the beach and letting your hair down. We would look more at running a casual laid back cocktail-style event to promote the product rather than a formal 3 course seated dinner. Likewise, if you’re launching a skin cream that is all about elegance and sophistication, the seated dinner is likely going to be a perfect choice. 

You can quite quickly see how having that clear goal in mind is going to start pushing your event in a certain direction and helping you answer questions about certain elements much faster. If you’re unsure on what direction you should be taking your next event to achieve your goals, reach out! Let’s have a chat in our free planning sessions.

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