Why stick with your professional event planning team for all your events? They know you, you can save money & time and much more! Read on!


Most of us stick with the same doctor, the same business advisor, the same suppliers, year in and year out. We stay loyal and we wouldn’t consider it any other way.




Because they know us. They know what we like and what we don’t like. They know our history and they know where we want to be in the future. They don’t need to bother us with a hundred little questions – they just ‘get’ us.


The same can be said for professional event planners.


Fame Events is fortunate enough to have many repeat clients on our books. We’ve worked with them through multiple activations and feel genuine enjoyment from nailing their brief – no matter what it may require. 


As we get to know each other, we can work more like partners both working towards the same goals and outcomes. And each time we work together, things go more smoothly and efficiently. 


So what are some of the benefits of repeat events with your professional event planning team?


10 benefits of sticking with your professional event planning team


There are some massive advantages to picking a professional event planning team and sticking with them for the long run. These are our top 10.


1. You’ll save time


When you’re a repeat customer, we’ve already covered the basics. You won’t have to go through all the initial meetings and ‘getting to know you’ stage. We’re already there. So instead of wasting time with the introductions and formalities, we can hop right to it.


Plus, if we’ve done similar events for you in the past, this will shave even more time off your invoice. Briefing us on a ‘copy and paste event’ can be as quick as a five-minute phone call.


2. You’ll save money


It’s highly likely that because you’ll be saving so much time from side-stepping those initial meetings, you’ll save money in the long run too. The planning and organisation will take less time than it would starting with a new professional event planning firm.


And for our repeat clients, we also like to have a chat about better pricing deals for planning multiple events throughout the year. Get in touch to chat!


3. We understand your expectations


If we’ve worked together before, we’ll know the level of professionalism you demand at an event. Likewise you’ll know the high standards you can expect us to deliver. We’ll also have a deeper understanding of your tastes and preferences, so you can rest assured we’ll exceed your expectations every time.


4. You know you can trust us


With every use of our professional event planning services, you’ll gain greater trust in our abilities to deliver the event you’ve been dreaming of. (Or better yet, the event you hadn’t even dared to dream of!) Trust is earned through experience and time, so rebooking with us will allow us to earn your loyalty.


5. We know your brand inside and out


We know what’s on brand for you, and what’s not. We can often hit the nail on the head for our repeat clients in just one proposal


Don’t waste your valuable time explaining your brand 10 times over. Leave it to our team and invest your time in your business instead. Bold brand events can drive leads and reaffirm your ‘why’.


6. We have your branding assets and preferences on file 


There are many practical reasons why repeat bookings are more convenient for you. Just as a doctor or dentist has all of your health records on file, we will already have your brand assets, supplier preferences and more in our database. This means you don’t need to waste time sending them to us and explaining brand fonts, colours, etc. 


7. We’ll develop a better relationship with you


Working together on multiple events will allow us to understand you and your business better. This closer working relationship will also mean you’ll feel more comfortable voicing your opinions, hopping on a call to talk something through or meeting up to debrief an event. 


8. We’ll develop better relationships with your staff


Your employees will also get to know us better so we can have a productive working relationship. The more time we work together, the more comfortable they’ll be to approach us at events or ask for assistance or clarification when they need it.


9. We can offer ongoing professional event planning assistance


For our repeat clients who host multiple events a year, we can set up an internal events email for your employees to contact us directly. We will monitor this mailbox throughout the year to ensure we are in constant communication.


10. We’re across your internal processes


After we have completed one project for you, we will be across all the little things like who to liaise with for various aspects of the event, when to raise invoices for payment and who to send them to. This will save you time and also valuable mental energy.


Want to rebook with your favourite professional event planning team?


If you’ve worked with us before and have been thinking about partnering on upcoming events, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today! Or if you’re a first-time client, we’d love to start creating some events magic for you ASAP.


If you have a few events coming up in the calendar, be sure to reach out with your event goals and we can explore how we can become the professional event planning dream team. 


We’re here to help you! We’re not a team that rests on our laurels. Instead, we aim to raise the bar each and every time – no matter how many events we’ve created for you. 


We always strive to not just meet our clients’ expectations but exceed them. And smash your ROI, of course!


Let’s get started!