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I’ve seen a few events in my time, but never have I seen something quite as lavish than Penny’s 42nd Birthday party! Yep, you read that right, 42! Granted we do need to factor in the fact that COVID meant there was no 40th or 41st birthday, but it meant that by the time the 42nd rolled around, it was an affair to remember!

Penny’s husband contacted the YOT club a mere 3 weeks out from the event wanting us to pull together something as fabulous as his wife, to celebrate the momentous occasion. We of course got right into action to bring together such a spectacular event.

FAME’s purpose was to focus on the look and feel of the boat – i.e. the styling! The party was set to take place in a reserved section of the top deck of the boat – complete VIP exclusive luxury for the birthday girl and her guests.

The brief was simple, Penny loves, roses, pink and country music. So we set out to make it pink, beautiful and completely custom to the birthday girl.

The goal was to create something completely unique and custom for the birthday girl, bringing in stationery elements that were custom to her. The only issue with doing everything custom is it all requires long turnarounds to get it done. Turn arounds that we did not have.

The biggest challenge of the event was the custom cushions! I placed the order with a supplier down south and paid extra for an urgent processing and shipment time, with a guaranteed delivery time a few days before the event. Fast forward to the Wednesday before the event and I received a shipping notification, they were still a week away. Arriving well past the birthday event and essentially useless!

It was a very quick hustle to find a backup plan. Purchasing cushions from IKEA, taking them home for an iron, then hand-delivering them to the print supplier to be heat pressed on that afternoon. The cushions turned out amazingly and suited the whole vibe of the event perfectly.

On top of the custom cushions, we decked the boat out in custom signage at the entrance, on the bar and the cake tables. We elevated the cocktail event to the next level with the drink stirrers and custom coasters. All carrying through the signature PH logo designed by my wonderful stationery artist.

Whilst all of this is beautiful, I truly don’t think we can even consider looking past the incredible work of the florist Loreta. Those flowers are absolutely incredible!! They pop on the pink background and really bring the whole theme to life.

My favourite part of the event has got to be the cascading florals down the bar. This was a real head turner and conversation starter throughout the event as it was placed not only in the middle of the space, but also by the bar – the most important and usually busiest area of any event!