What we can learn from the Super Bowl for your next event

At the time of writing this, just over 24 hours after the sporting event of the year, the Super Bowl is on everyone’s feeds, lips and televisions. With over 112.3 million viewers on NBC, they are doing something right. So how can we leverage Super Bowl-level stardom without the budgets and resources? Let’s look at […]

Why bold brand events are more than just an ‘expense’

Why and how to create a stand-out event for your brand in 2023 – in the aftermath of the pandemic and in looming tougher economic times. As we head back to the office after the holiday festivities, we’re shifting our focus to planning mode for marketing in 2023. How do we make 2023 our biggest […]

Case Study: Charity Event

Event Name: Open Haven Charity Panel Goals of event To raise as much money as possible to go towards opening a third hub for Open Haven.  To increase brand awareness and ensure everyone left the event with a great understanding of the business Venue Darling & Co  Number of people: 100 Setup plan on the day The team […]

Case Study: Christmas Party

Private Christmas Party Celebration Event

Event Name: Vexel Christmas Party Goals of event To create a fun and engaging party for employees to celebrate everything that was 2022. Transform a simple concrete carpark into a tropical oasis. Venue Private Office Location  Number of people: 65 Mood Board Custom Mood Board Created for the Event Setup plan on the day Setup for this event […]

Case Study: 70th Birthday Party

Event Name: Surprise 70th New Zealand Forest Goals of event To transform a high ceiling simple venue into a forest wonderland design incorporating ferns and greenery to achieve this.  To ensure the vast size of the venue felt intimate and warm for the smaller guest count. Create an immersive haka presentation for the guests to […]

Case Study: Light Code Lab

Event Name: Light Code Lab Product Launch Goals of event To create an intimate dinner party to celebrate the launch of a new product.  Tie the branding of the new product into the event design to create subliminal brand recognition for the guests. Place the product on display throughout the event so guests can always […]

Case Study: Wellness Tourism Summit

Event Name: Wellness Tourism Expo Goals of event To transform a stark plain stage into a warm welcoming stage environment for speakers of the conference to relax and share their stories, whilst also representing the summit brand. To create a sanctuary within the hotel lobby for exhibitors to showcase their products and services to all […]

Case Study: Boxing Match 

Event Name: Huni v Leutele – Boxing Match, Press Conference, Training Session  Goals of event To organise and execute press conference, public training session and weigh in pre events in accordance with guidelines.  To coordinate with venue and all external suppliers to ensure the smooth running of the televised event.  Venue Nissan Arena Number of people: 2500 […]

How to measure your ROI on your corporate event

When it comes to corporate events, I say it time and time again. The most important element is your ROI. As much as we would all love to run events for the fun of it, within the corporate world that just isn’t the case. Each of our events needs to be converted and achieve an […]

Introducing Millie

As the saying goes, two is always better than one! So we’ve expaned and bought on board the beautiful Millie to help us create and bring to life double the event visions and designs for our beautiful clients. Millie’s been working alongside me behind the scenes for a little while now, but as she starts […]

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