Event Name: Wellness Tourism Expo

Goals of event

  • To transform a stark plain stage into a warm welcoming stage environment for speakers of the conference to relax and share their stories, whilst also representing the summit brand.
  • To create a sanctuary within the hotel lobby for exhibitors to showcase their products and services to all seminar attendees, allowing the products to shine, whilst also incorporating the Wellness Summit branding.

Venue Mantra on Salt

Number of people: 200

Mood Board

Custom Mood Board Created for the Event

Setup plan on the day

The team bumped into a very empty venue in the morning, with the task of transforming it to meet the brief requirements. The stage was a simple black box with nothing exciting nor relaxing about it. We immediately got to work installing the backdrop to cover off the existing walls which were to act as the backdrop.

Utilising natural materials in the form of timber for the backdrop and linen as all the table cloths, ensured the natural brief vision was met. 

Throughout the setup, we as a team had to be incredibly wary of where we were leaving things, and our positioning of elements, as the activation zone was the lobby for the hotel, with guests coming in and out and finding their way around. The decision was made to include gold bollards in the set up design to help guide the flow of guests away from the activation zone, towards the reception and out to the rest of the hotel. 

Stage before FAME bumped in

How did it come together? 

In the end it came together beautifully! Each of the activation partners were thrilled with the spaces they were allocated to showcase their beautiful products. Seminar attendees raved about the stage setup, so much so, pack down ran an hour over, as guests were too busy taking photos with the backdrop.

Challenges of the event 

The biggest challenge of this event was the last minute nature of it. FAME was engaged about 3-4 weeks out from the event, and given quite a sizeable brief to deliver. The element that proved the most difficult was the custom backdrop that needed to be made from scratch, as nothing like it existed. The biggest saving grace for this was our supplier relationships, being able to call in favours with such short notice, in order to get the job done. 

Client Wins

  • Guests went wild posting photos with the backdrop, and ultimately the Summit logo, all over social media to increase brand awareness.
  • 5 star reviews from Summit attendees on the experience of the Summit. 
  • Venue incredibly happy with the setup/pack down process and has welcomed the Summit back next year.

My favourite part

The backdrop was definitely my favourite part of this event! It was just something so unique compared to the usual scope of events. Keeping it raw and natural, without even as much as a stain on the timber, was also a different touch that isn’t often seen in events. The alternate heights and sizes of each of the panels combined with the simplistic nature of the logo, made for an edgy feature of the design.


W’e engaged FAME Events for a large scale corporate event with a short lead time. It was definitely the right decision, as April applied a ‘can-do’ attitude to the planning and design of the styling elements, and delivered on-brief without any stress. She and her team were an absolute pleasure to work with and I’d highly recommend their expertise.” – Emily – Wellness Tourism Expo