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I know you’ve clicked on this to find out the number 1 way to guarantee the perfect day, and trust me I have the answer for you. For some of you, it will be the easiest thing you’ve ever done, for others, it will be a lot more difficult! It all centre’s around CONTROL! And more importantly, letting go of control.

The number 1 way to guarantee your perfect day, is to TRUST YOUR PLANNER!

Sam and Lydia Wedding Event

When you initially start your planning journey, you’re usually pretty overwhelmed, a little stressed and really not sure what you’re doing. Just like with everything in your life, when you’re not sure, you hire a professional. If you can’t do your taxes, we go to an accountant, if you can’t keep your pool from turning green, we hire a pool cleaner.

The same is to be said for Wedding Planning. When you’re not sure where to go, you come hunting for someone like us!

You spend the entire planning process listening to our advice, taking our guidance on board, and implementing it to make for a beautiful day.

However, more often than not! When it comes to the wedding day the panic and fear of the day start to kick in, and it’s easy to forget that our best ally is right there! Your planner!

It’s our job to make sure your wedding day is perfect, that all the little details (most of them that you don’t even notice we’re doing). Don’t forget we’ve done this more times than we can count.

But when the wedding day starts to approach, it gets forgotten, and I all too often see the bridal spiral start to happen. You start to panic about who’s going to make sure the song is played at the exact queue, and what will happen if it rains, who will show granny to her seat.

The biggest piece of advice I can offer is trust your planner and the planning process we’ve been through! All of those little items, we would have already covered in the run sheet if they’re important to you. My run sheets become my bible, and anything you’ve told me I will have written down. Trust that if it’s on the run sheet, it will happen.

Nate and Katie Wedding Event

You’re probably now thinking, okay but that just makes me more stressed! What if I forget to tell you something and it doesn’t make it on the run sheet. Again! Trust your planner! We’ve done enough of these to spot issues a mile away. We’ll spot if Granny looks a bit lost and help her find her seat. Or we’ll sit back and watch the first dance until we can see the routine is done and time to swap the song. We have your back the whole way through, from the second the day starts, to the moment it ends.

The thing that separates a good planner from a fabulous planner is one who can pre-empt what you need before you even know you need it. Checking that your glasses are full, or bringing you a fresh drink just before speeches start to toast with, finding your lipstick before first dance for a top-up. We’ve got your back and will make sure the day is perfect!

The best thing you can do, is let us do what we do best. If you start getting too caught up in the intricate details (should we do first dance at 7:30 or 7:35) you take away the ability for us to do what we do best. We end up in such a rigid plan that may not flow very well on the night, and makes it very difficult if we run behind plan to claw back from.

My one ask from you is, when you’re booking your planner, commit to yourself and them, that you will trust in them. Trust their abilities and experience to not lead you astray, and I can promise this will help guarantee a perfect day!