LightCode Lab Launch Corporate Event

Event Name: Light Code Lab Product Launch

Goals of event

  • To create an intimate dinner party to celebrate the launch of a new product. 
  • Tie the branding of the new product into the event design to create subliminal brand recognition for the guests.
  • Place the product on display throughout the event so guests can always be near one to sample. 

Venue Loyal Hope

Number of people: 8

Mood Board

Custom Mood Board Created for the Event

Setup plan on the day

Setup for this event was a great joy due to the size of the event.  It meant we were able to give every single tiny element the love and attention it required, and meant the product was the feature of the entire design. The colours of both the styling and the product blended together perfectly on the day, creating such an impactful tablescape when guests sat down.

We treated the guests to little gift boxes and a taro card to be read, which was an immediate interactive hit with guests becoming very excited for the night to come. 

LightCode Lab Launch Corporate Event

How did it come together? 

From the mood board concept to execution, the event came together seamlessly with only the smallest of hiccups which were easily solved at the time. The finished setting was eye catchingly beautiful, and was the talk amongst all those involved, especially the guests.

Once the guests arrived and the event commenced, the founders spoke and introduced the guests to the product, highlighting the features and perks of the product, which certainly got the guests talking. 

A beautiful sit down dinner was enjoyed by the guests, with drinks and accompanying live acoustic music, which really set the mood whilst their Taro card futures were read.  A good time was had by all those attending.

LightCode Lab Launch Corporate Event

Challenges of the event 

The design of this event was a little challenging, as there were 2 goals that had to be met: create a stunning styled event that had a “wow” factor; and more importantly, beautifully showcased the client’s product. 

The exact placement of the product meant that it was right in the line of sight of guests, and creating an activity around it, ensured the products were absolutely not missed! 

LightCode Lab Launch Corporate Event

Client Wins

  • Guests had a lovely and memorable experience, one which to tell their family, friends and colleagues about.
  • The event resulted in those that attended walking away with knowledge of the newly showcased product. 
  • There was a fabulous buzz created by the event, resulting in social media exposure from posts and stories made by attending guests.

My favourite part

The colour palette of this event was truly spectacular. It’s not often we get to work with such a bright, pink dominated colour palette such as this, which made it incredibly exciting to bring to life, from the original vision and mood board.