Event Name: Vexel Christmas Party

Goals of event

  • To create a fun and engaging party for employees to celebrate everything that was 2022.
  • Transform a simple concrete carpark into a tropical oasis.

Venue Private Office Location 

Number of people: 65

Mood Board

Custom Mood Board Created for the Event

Setup plan on the day

Setup for this event occurred over multiple days. to really be able to transform the concrete jungle we were working with into the fun tropical oasis. The setup begun with installation of the marquee and the astro turf which began the transformation process. This took all day on Friday as the crew worked tirelessly on the installation. 

Saturday was all hands on deck with our tiki inspired furniture pieces, bright balloons and backdrop installation, and the fun little elements to complete the look. 

Bright colours were a must in this design, woven in with lots of real tropical foliage and plants and natural wood elements to complete the design. 

How did it come together? 

In the end it was the bright tropical oasis we had hoped for. Guests were greeted with the tropical floret champagne servers and handed a floral lei upon arrival, as they moved throughout the space to find a seat at each of the set up stations. The guests were able to relax and have fun whilst still being in their own office environment. 

Challenges of the event 

The day was not without its hiccups, as always, we have no control over mother nature. The team struggled working in the intense heat, combined with what felt like cyclonic level winds to get the installation together. Fans were on standby to be placed in the marquee if the heat was too intense, and the decision was made to swap from a clear roof to a white roof to provide shade protection for the guests.

Client Wins

  • Guests had a great time along with their family members, which brought a new energy to the office for the remainder of December and into the New Year.

My favourite part

The tropical oasis nature in the middle of industrial Brisbane was my favourite part of this event. Driving into the venue, you were surrounded by nothing but concrete and a grey colour palette. After rounding the corner to the marquee, it was an instant explosion of colour and fun that really set the scene for a party for the guests.