Event Name: Huni v Leutele – Boxing Match, Press Conference, Training Session 

Goals of event

  • To organise and execute press conference, public training session and weigh in pre events in accordance with guidelines. 
  • To coordinate with venue and all external suppliers to ensure the smooth running of the televised event. 

Venue Nissan Arena

Number of people: 2500

Setup plan on the day

This event went a little differently than usual events, as there were 4 consecutive event days. This meant as a team, there was extensive forward planning and organisation that was required, to ensure every day ran seamlessly. 

Each day was a slightly different setup, often in a different location. The first event of the week was the public weigh in, which involved the coordination of the ring setup, a last minute change with the venue due to weather, media and the boxers. 

Day two involved a press conference with each of the boxers, as well as an assortment of coaches, managers and the promoters of the event with the media. Ensuring those speaking arrived on time and were adequately prepped, the stage, furniture and names were placed correctly, and the AV and lighting was set up as required, by the media for the perfect shot. 

The third event of the week was the fighter weigh in, with the focus of this particular event being on the welfare of the fighter. Ensuring there was adequate catering and refreshments post event was an important factor. It was also the best time to brief security for the next day and to begin distribution of all accreditations. 

The final event of the week, and the biggest, was the fight night. This event required everything from security management, supplier and venue coordination, as well as management of the attendees of the event, both the regular ticket holders and the VIP ticket holders. 

The night included ensuring fighters were ready on time for their walkouts, and every supplier knew where they were going, and what they were doing and responsible for.  

How did it come together? 

The event ran incredibly seamlessly in the evening, with all fighters being in position when they were required to be, food and beverage went exactly how it was planned, and guests and clients alike were incredibly happy with how the event turned out. 

A complete bonus to top off the event was the promoter’s headline act winning his fight. 

Challenges of the event 

The boxing industry by nature is one full of last minute changes and adaptations, which is often very different to the event industry in general, which runs on solid plans. The ever changing nature of the boxing event landscape, forced us to be consistently reacting and ever available to be able to solve the issues as they arose, and pivot plans to accommodate the new changes when required.

Client Wins

  • Fox Sports had a seamless experience for their broadcasting team. 
  • Excellent feedback from the fighters on the night, and happy to return for the next event. 
  • Venue incredibly happy with the setup/pack down process and has welcomed the fight back next time.

My favourite part

This event ran more smoothly than I could have asked for!  Everyone knew where they needed to be and what was going on, which as a planner and coordinator, is an absolute dream to work with, and makes the event that much more enjoyable for the client and team involved. 


“Thank you so much for your hard work on this event. Everything went so smoothly and it was a great night. Bring on the next one.” – Jack, D&L