Top tips to a styling consultation

A few months back we were engaged by Annie + Chris to do a styling consult, they essentially wanted to do everything themselves, but were struggling with a lack of vision and how to transform their space to make it something extraordinary. We absolutely understand, it can be really difficult. You have hundreds of photos […]

How to make your next EOFY Party a success

End of Financial Year often means a chance to celebrate with your staff, but like all office parties, it’s a delicate balance between having fun and ensuring your staff are still safe and responsible. There are a few key things we recommend thinking about no matter the size of your event or what you’re doing. […]

Cosmic Love

What a shoot! The cosmic love inspired celestial shoot has hands down got to be my favourite shoot having seen both the videos and the photos. I am absolutely in love.   Dee from Pixel Punk the photographer came to me with a vision. It was a simple photo taken from a Florence and the […]

Launching brands with events

Launching a brand can be incredibly exciting and also incredibly stressful all at the same time. Some people find that their launch event is more stressful than the actual launch of the brand. Once the event is over, they can sit back and relax. A launch event can be incredibly important to establish the reputation […]